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If treatment with NATURALE is no relaxation and has no formaldehyde as it smoothes?

The NATURALE acts between the cuticle and the cortex not destabilized the cystine bridges as common relaxations and also not waterproofing that thread as Formaldehyde. Who will smooth that hair is the physical temperature process is through. board, the function. NATURALE treatment will be. realignment of the hair causing it to get a new and definitive form.

After I do the treatment with NATURALE I need only redo the root?

The NATURALE does not act as a relaxation, and it is not only a smoothing product, but a comprehensive treatment for the wires (hydration, shine, softness, pasta, etc.), so every time using NATURALE is due apply throughout the hair.

It can be applied to every how many days? It has a cumulative power as Formaldehyde?

Pode ser aplicado quantas vezes o profissional entender que seja necessário, de acordo com a necessidade do fio. Não, ele não tem poder cumulativo.

How Long treatment with NATURALE?

Much depends of each hair on average 3 to 6 months.

It is compatible with chemical for relaxation?

Yes it is compatible with all chemical (Dyes, Rena, Relaxation, including lead). It can be done before or after relaxation without any prejudice. But it is not necessary Relax even the hair the Afros is only properly follow the recommendations of use.

Treatment with NATURALE fades hair?

No, for the treatment NATURALE promotes restructuring and protection of the hair structure thus preventing the color change.

Treatment with NATURALE should be used before or after coloring?

Hair can receive ink after the process ends. Enhances the colors, it can also be done after painting the hair, without prejudice to color, on top of the lights. If the lights are already yellowed, will bring back the platinum, revitalizing strands.

It can be used on virgin hair?

Yes, no special care.

Treatment with NATURALE can cause loss or breakage in your hair?

Definitely Can not this happen to treatment with NATURALE because the NATURALE is a treatment for hair strands, so the mechanisms of action of treatment with NATURALE do just the opposite, reversing the wire breakage caused by other chemical agents.

Do I need to wait three days to wash the hair after application?

No, as specified in step by step, the hair can be washed and then after the application process of treatment with NATURALE.

How often should I use the board in each section?

There is no mathematical way. sealing cuticles, because each person has a genetic and consecutively a different type of hair of another, so it should be pranchar to note that the cuticles are well sealed, glowing and velvety and silky touch. For healthy hair recommend pranchar on average 20 times each strand.

Treatment with NATURALE only makes the process of reafinhamento yarn?

Not one of the great advantages of treatment with NATURALE towards other products is its versatility since it is a next-generation product in Capillary treatment. reconstruction of high capacity product can be applied to any hair, even those most weakened. It is able to reverse the damage to the cuticle and cortex (cracks of scales or cuticles causing hair to lose luster) recomposing the structure of the cuticle giving back the shine and softness to hair.
In marrow, returns the lost mass cellos various chemical processes, also rearranges the chemical bonds responsible for deep moisturizing cell wires (hydrogen bridge and salt bridges), so the hair again have mass and weight can be more easily modeled.